The Gift

The Gift By Alexis Pettway

I imagine it was wrapped in a tiny purple box with white ribbon tied around it
And the name read Alexis Denise Pettway
Hand crafted and molded by HIS hands
Perfected, Blessed and ordained by HIS words
Placed on a shelf with billions of other gifts waiting it's entrance into the world
February 26, 1989 into existence I Am!
I see that gift come alive, hop off the shelf and begin it's descend into a beautiful baby girl
7th grade I put pen to paper and the poem "God's work"; created the beginning.
And now my hand, my pen will only cease movement with my life ending
Because this gift runs through my veins, yes I'm a slave to poetry and I love it. Its MY gift it's my destiny

The readers, the followers, the books, the words...I will never forget
This dream made possible all started with a gift

Where did your gift(s) come from? Share in the comments below!

Me and You

Me and You By Alexis Pettway 

Back in 2002, I found my unexpected freedom, I found you.
In 2003, I realized what you saw in me.
The potential I had in my mind, the status my words could reach.
From the classic, “ya lies” let me tell you about it symbolized; the words that freely roam my mind every time I close my eyes.
When Rosa came, I got my creative swag and from then on, I had this relationship in the bag.
We’ve been through some shit but this is only the beginning.
Nothing lasts forever but I know you’ll be here whether I’m losing or winning.
The weather’s been cold, the weather’s been hot but there was never a question on whether you were with me through all or not.
This is the middle of a beautiful relationship that started not too long ago.
I can only envision the wonders for us that the future will show.
You’re like another mother and I must say you’re raising me well, giving me a taste of heaven, helping me get through hell.

We’re on a roll and nothing can’t stop us now
No one, no obstacle, nowhere no how.
I love you because I know you’d do anything to satisfy my mood.

Just know in return, I’d do the same, and more, for you.
You wipe away my tears, my fears you caress.
You embrace and heightened my joy.

I shed a tear for the love of you and happiness
If there was no you there would be no me
We gon always be together, me and you, poetry.

How does this make you feel? Share some of your thoughts in the comments!

Books By the Cover: Zenele: A Letter for My Daughter

I was surprised when I found out the neurosurgery resident sitting next to me in the library, when I was in medical school, was working on a novel--not a research paper.  I was impressed when I read "Zenele: A Letter for My Daughter".  

Mother's and daughters who have lived very different lives--trying to connect.  It's a beautiful story.  Have you ever been shocked to find out that someone you know who seemed busy with another identity was...a writer? #tbt #Zenele #books #mothersanddaughters

Also, check out this profile of Dr. Maraire from 1999 here:

Millionaire Moves

This week's read:  Millionaire Moves by William F. Pickard, PhD.  


I had the chance to meet him at a book signing where we took this photo.  One of America's most successful businessmen, Pickard, shares his journey, using both book smarts and life smarts, to build his corporate empire.  It was interesting that his background was in social work--not finance--and he used this unique quality to his advantage.  People skills are very important in business. 

Have you ever used unconventional experiences and talents to your advantage in another setting?  Tell us about it in the comments. #millionaire moves #entrepreneur #books #authors

Life’s Work: A Moral Argument for Choice by Dr. Willie Parker

Books by the Cover


What I’m reading this week: 
Life’s Work: A Moral Argument for Choice by Dr. Willie Parker

Growing up poor and black in the Deep South one might find it surprising that Dr. Willie Parker would go on to be an award-winning physician with degrees from institutions like Harvard University.  Dr. Parker, however, is an even rarer unicorn in that he is a man with a fundamentalist Christian background who is an abortion provider and reproductive rights activist who found himself on this professional path as a result of his religious beliefs.  In his autobiography, Life’s Work A Moral Argument for Choice, Dr. Parker takes us on his life’s journey, a journey which requires him to walk the walk of his convictions.  In addition to sharing his personal evolution, Dr. Parker provides insights to the journey of his patients as they seek to exercise agency over their own lives. Reading this book is a valuable experience regardless of where one stands on the issue of rights of access to abortion.  

One of the things I loved about this book was that it was a deep exploration of the issue of personal integrity.  Have you had strong convictions about somethings in the abstract—but ended up seeing it differently when confronted with the issue in real life—and with your integrity intact?  I would love to know! 

Reasons Why Reading to Children Is Important


1. Stimulates Creative Thinking

As you read your child gets to use their imagination as they listen to the book you are reading to them. You can help create their own book.


2. Helps them understand writing.

As you read to your child they will get a better understanding of how to properly form and write sentences.


3. Fosters a bond between you and your child.

Reading to your child builds a relationship with your child that will last a lifetime.




Thanks to Tamara N. Murray for this weeks post!

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Three Merits of a Book Discussion

The act of reading is solitary, but it does not have to be isolating. Book discussions as part of a club, reading group or organization have a few benefits. Here, I will discuss the top three.

1. Getting Different Perspectives 


Have you ever read a book, discussed it with someone, and have them raise a point that you had not considered? Whether we are reading for a class, or our own edification, there are things that even the most discerning reader can overlook. I have found in my experience that discussing a book with another person and bouncing perspectives off of one another has made me go back and read particular sections.

2. Strengthening Your Understanding

Discussion of a work will strengthen your understanding. This is related to the first point. The point of reading, is to gain something from a work, whether it is fictional or not. In a society that is at times working to keep us in the dark, it is important that  we understand what we read.

3. Building Community 


Flowing from the second point, is the prospect of building community around the discussion of a work. While many of us hated those group projects that we were all subject to in college, book discussions don’t have that dynamic. While some discussions can be contentious, it often shows that those who participate care deeply about the matters raised within the context of the discussion. That is important, considering that some will be motivated to action by the results of a shift in perspective. 

In conclusion, there is much to be gained from book discussions. We should work to encourage them whenever we can. This is why shows like The Tea are important. 

Thanks to Marc W. Polite for this weeks post!

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