First off, we wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to all of our fans and followers of The Tea. We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend. Just because the holiday season is coming about, doesn’t mean The Tea is slowing down.

Last week we had a Google Hangouts video (IT’S ALL ABOUT REDEMPTION) with none other than the Unforgivable Love author herself, Sophfronia Scott. The video opened with the ladies hoping right in and talking about the Harlem Renaissance. Scott stated why she chose that setting for novel and how she fell in love with that era. She fell in love with the Harlem Renaissance based on a film she was fascinated by. Dina jumps in by discussing about how she watched the film while reading Unforgivable Love and how she changed her views on the characters from the novel. Dina makes a point by saying saying how the characters are deeply connected and asks Sophfronia about the development of her characters from the backstory. Sophfronia gives an excellent answer that you’ll just have to watch and listen yourself. Deborah decides to take the conversation to a different route and starts talking about the themes, such as redemption.

Now we don’t want to give all the details on the conversations that happened on the Google Hangouts, we want you all to WATCH the video and then join in on the conversation. Check it out today by clicking HERE!

This week we have a special cast profile video of Nigeria Lockley that we can’t for everyone to check out. Then the following week...NEW MONTH, NEW BOOK! Stay tuned for our book selection in two weeks. We can’t wait for new conversations to begin.

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