This has been a crazy, hectic holiday season for all. Through all of it, The Tea is still going on and is having a great month! This month our book is Yes! Yoga Has Curves by Dana Smith which brought us themes of healthy living and spirituality.

Dana Smith gave in depth insight on her yoga background and she became involved with the activity. The author also discusses how yoga involves the mind, body, and spirituality.

This month’s discussion was a little different. We had Dana herself join us for the discussion. Our cast was able to ask her questions about her book and how yoga fits into this theme of a healthy lifestyle and spirituality. Dana expresses how she feels as if yoga isn’t a work out, but a work in because we are moving in a way that we do not want to because of stress. An important note is that yoga works you inside out.

After having a revelating conversation, it was time our ladies to try out a few yoga poses themselves.  They did a few exercises to help open up your legs, hips, back, and work on balance. These stretches are important to do for your body, especially if you are sediment for most of the day. Our cast has a great time and some good laughs trying to perform these yoga poses!


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Stay tuned for January 4th, 2018 when our book selection video is released! New year, new books, and all new conversations are waiting to happen! 


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