Me and You

Me and You By Alexis Pettway 

Back in 2002, I found my unexpected freedom, I found you.
In 2003, I realized what you saw in me.
The potential I had in my mind, the status my words could reach.
From the classic, “ya lies” let me tell you about it symbolized; the words that freely roam my mind every time I close my eyes.
When Rosa came, I got my creative swag and from then on, I had this relationship in the bag.
We’ve been through some shit but this is only the beginning.
Nothing lasts forever but I know you’ll be here whether I’m losing or winning.
The weather’s been cold, the weather’s been hot but there was never a question on whether you were with me through all or not.
This is the middle of a beautiful relationship that started not too long ago.
I can only envision the wonders for us that the future will show.
You’re like another mother and I must say you’re raising me well, giving me a taste of heaven, helping me get through hell.

We’re on a roll and nothing can’t stop us now
No one, no obstacle, nowhere no how.
I love you because I know you’d do anything to satisfy my mood.

Just know in return, I’d do the same, and more, for you.
You wipe away my tears, my fears you caress.
You embrace and heightened my joy.

I shed a tear for the love of you and happiness
If there was no you there would be no me
We gon always be together, me and you, poetry.

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