3 Reasons Physical Books Are Important

In the age of digital it's hard to conceive a physical anything anymore. There are e-books, e-courses, e-stores but do you remember when you grabbed a physical copy of a book?

As a child, I was a book worm I would stay up all night reading books so while I enjoy the convenience of not having to wait for a physical copy in my hand, I still love my physical books.

3 Reasons Physical Books Are Important

Connect with the physical.

Connect with the physical.

1. E-Books Don't Connect. E-books feel like I'm on Facebook. There was a study that reported that "the haptic and tactile feedback of a Kindle does not provide the same support for mental reconstruction of a story as a print packet book does". I can definitely attest to this study because I notice when I read books I feel as though I am there but when I read a e-book it feels really distant to me and hard for me to remember what I read.

2. You meet people in bookstores. What better way to socialize than in person. Noelle Santos who seeks to start a bookstore in the Bronx understands the importance of a physical bookstore.

3. Digital breaks down on you. What becomes annoying to me is having to stay charged up and read.

With all that said The Tea is a great start to getting back to physical copies of books. You follow along with these lovely ladies as they chit chat around a physical book.

"The Tea is the online talk show that sounds like a book club but feels so close to home".

The Cast Includes:
Deborah Franklin
Cherie Celeste Malone
Lian Robinson

So far they have discussed:

  • Last Canyon by Nina Revoyr
  • His Last Name by Daaimah S.Poole
  • Wives, Fiances and Side Chicks of Hotlanta by Sheree Whitfield
  • Revenge of the Mistress by Cydney Tax
  • Here comes the Sun by Nicole Dennis Benn

So grab your book, tea and tune in to talk on The Tea

What do you like about physical books?

Thank you Tamara for this weeks post!